LaurenSPINZ is the brainchild of artist Lauren Banks. A native Chicagoan, and creative spirit, Lauren studied improvisation at the Players Workshop of Second City and continued her education as a Theater Arts major at Hampton University earning  a Bachelors of Arts with Honors.  After graduation, Lauren relocated to Los Angeles where she broadened her artistic pursuits with training in metallurgy, bead work and jewelry design. Throughout her journey, Lauren has felt a deep connection to the energy and property of certain crystals and stones, most notably quartz, amethyst, citrine and tektites. As a continuation of her artistic endeavors, this connection led to the incorporation of crystals into her personal jewelry and in 2017 a business was born.

Fast forward to 2019, this has been quite a year for LaurenSPINZ! Lauren participated in the ten year anniversary of Raw Artist Showcase Los Angeles. As one of the participating artists, the team was engulfed in the creative energy that can only be found in the City of Angels. LaurenSPINZ also celebrated and supported women as a vendor for “Badass Women’s Luncheons” held throughout the year. In October, LaurenSPINZ was selected as a featured artist for the Macy’s marketplace at their Los Angeles flag ship, Century City Mall and a second location in Orange County. This was indeed a challenge and an honor for which we are grateful.  Throughout this year, LaurenSPINZ has connected with amazing humans and is ever thankful for your support.  LaurenSPINZ will continue to evolve, expand and offer products made with integrity, intention and love.

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